Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Difference between Re-issue and Renewal of Indian Passport

If you are an NRI, currently outside India and your passport's expiry is near then you might be thinking about re-issue of passport, but if you are confused between renewal and re-issue of an Indian passport then you have come to right place. There is a difference between Re-issue and Renewal of a passport. Passports are Re-issued after the expiry of their 10-year validity period.

In case you have issued a Short Validity Passport (i.e. a passport with validity of fewer than 10 years), it can be renewed to extend its validity for a period up to 10 years from the date of issue. The Passport number does not change as the booklet remains the same. Only an entry is made in the passport extending its validity date.

In the case of Re-issue of Passport, a new booklet is issued and your Passport number changes. A Passport which has completed its life of 10 years cannot be renewed. Let's see some more difference between Renewal and Re-issue of Indian passport for the benefit of NRIs.

Difference between Re-issue and Renewal of Passport

I have already outlined the fundamental difference between the reissue and renewal of Indian passport in the first paragraph. Now let's see some subtle difference between reissue and renewal in point format. 

Reissue vs Renewal
1) The first and most important difference between reissue and renewal of passport is that Reissue of passport means an application for another passport in lieu of an existing passport which has either expired or about to expire. You can apply for re-issue 1 year before the expiry date e.g. if your passport is expiring on 4th January 2017 then you can apply for re-issue from 5th January 2016 onward. On the other hand, Renewal of passport means that a passport which was originally issued for a short validity of one to five years is now asked to extend its full validity which is 10 years. 

Passport Number
2) In the case of renewal of passport the passport number remains same but in the case of the reissue, a new passport number is issued. It's advised that you carry both your old and new passport when you travel India or abroad. 

Old or New Passport
If you renew your passport than same old passport is returned to you with extending validity but when you ask for re-issue of passport, a new passport is given to you.

Fee and Charges
Renewal of passport is a zero charge process but if you want to re-issue you need to fill a form and pay fees for reissue of passport around 160 USD, depending upon which country you are asking for re-issue of passport. In many countries, Indian embassy has outsourced the process of re-issue passport into an agency like blsindia.com

When to reissue or renew passport
You cannot renew a lost or stolen passport but you can ask for re-issue. You must have your old passport for renewal but you can re-issue of new passport even if you have lost the old one. 

Here is a nice summary of all the differences between renewal and reissue of passport in India:
Difference between reissue and renewal of passport India

That's all about some key difference between reissue and renewal of Indian passport. Just remember that, when your passport expires or about to expire you need to renew it and you can renew it one year before expiry. You should also carry both old and new passport when you travel to India or abroad. 


  1. Hi..
    Mera passport 9/8/17 KO expire ho raha h mujhey kis m me apply krna hoga renewal ya reissuing? Address m koi koi changing ni h,, agar mujhey 9/8/17 se pehle ki appointment milti h to ya BAAD m milti h to kis m apply Karu

    1. Hello Sonu, you need to apply for renewal of passport. You will get a new passport with different number. Yes, you can apply before expiry date, i.e. 1 year before, so if you get appointment before, then take it. It is always better to renew your passport 6 month before expiry because you cannot travel if your passport has less than 6 month validity.

  2. There is no option for renewal of passport.only fresh/reissue option is available in the site.I want to extend validity with same address and adding spouse name on to it.is it renewal or reissue kindly help me.

    1. I’m having the same issue. So please reply if your issue is resolved

    2. I have the same issue too , simone please clarify

    3. I have the same issue too , somone please clarify..

  3. Hi, I lost my passport in Turkey, I am currently living in turkey, what should I do, should I apply for renewal or reissue, also I have another problem, my passport will expire in 7 months, so I need to know if they will issue me a passport with 10 year period or they will give me duplicate of my lost passport which will expire in 7 months.

  4. I had a passport when i was a minor. it is expired now. i am 22 right now. and my address is also changed. should i apply for renewal or re-issue? please let me know.