Thursday, September 7, 2017

How to check EPF (Employee Provident Fund) account balance online - free

How to find EPF (Employee Provident Fund) account balance online
You can now check your EFF (Employee Provident Fund) account balance online from the comfort of your office and home. No need to endure stress on multiple runs of government office.  In order to check your EPF account balance online, You just need to click below link and enter your EPF also known as PF account number and mobile number and it will display your total EPF (Employee Provident Fund) account balance. Every salaried employee In India who contributes some part of his salary to EPF (Employee provided Fund) have been curious to know his or her EFF (Employee Provident fund) account balance from a long time but going to EPF office and inquiring these details are a troublesome job, given how government offices works in India. 

In the absence of visibility and control on EPF (Employee Provident Fund) account many salaried employees prefer to withdraw there EPF(Employee Provident fund) account balance when they change their job. By using this facility They not only can check there EPF account balance This visibility gives a sense of ownership and also motivates you on saving and investment.

How to check EPF, PPF Account balance online free link:

Here is the link of EPF India website which allows this facility to check EPF account balance online for free:

When you click on above link, a web page from will open and describe the procedure. Your EPF balance will be sent down to mobile number as SMS, which you need to provide while accessing this site.

here are the steps to know your EPF account balance online in India:

1) Click on

2) On the bottom there is a link "Click here to know the balance", click that link to know your EPF account balance

3) This will now open "Member Balance Information page" of Employee's Provident Fund Organization, India. In this site data from 119 PF Offices is available till date.

4) Select your EPF Office State, this is a drop down of all Indian State, just select the state on where your EPF account is opened. Like if you are working in Mumbai and your EPF account is opened in Mumbai, Select Maharashtra.

5) Now it will show data from All the PF offices which is available to the site form Maharashtra as a link, Select the corresponding PF office link where your EPF account is lying.

6) Now this will take you to the final page where you need to enter Your EPF Account number or Employee PF Account Number, first two digits of which will already be populated. IF you don't remember your EPF Account number, I would suggest looking at your salary slip. most of the time it should be present in your salary slip. Now in the second column put your name as it appears on EPF Slip and your mobile number. The number which you provide will be registered with your EPF account number and your EPF account balance will be sent as SMS to this mobile number.

How to check EPF account balance Online

That's all on How to find your EPF account balance online or How to check your Employee provident fund balance online. I really appreciate this facility which allows you to check your EPF or PPF Account balance online for free of cost, yes they don't charge any fees. It just a matter of knowing  this link, which I guess many of us still doesn't know. I suggest sharing this post and this link to all your salaried friends who has EPF or Employee PF Account so that they can also check there EPF account balance online. I am sure they will be happy to see money in there EPF or Employee PF Account account.

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  1. Wow didn't that PPF account balance can be check online. I thought they just keep money without sending any receipt, glad to see that I can check PPF account balance online. Fantastic dude.

  2. Wow didn't that PPF record parity could be check on the web. I supposed they simply keep cash without sending any receipt, happy to see that I can check PPF account offset on the web. Out of this world man.

  3. I am from mumbai...on which site should i check EPF Balance? unable to check my epf balance, as the website is unavailable.
    Pf no: AP19329543.
    Pls do the needful.