Thursday, May 2, 2019

Best Site for Online Instant Money Transfer to India from Australia - Remit2India

Remit2India, one of the popular remittance service among NRIs has recently launched an instant money transfer service from Australia to India. Which means now you can remit money instantly, earlier it used to take 2 days. Along with Instant money transfer, Remit2India is also offering savings up to Rs. 3K+ as compared to local banks in Australia because of competitive exchange rates and lower fees (though subject to change given fluctuation in exchange rates).  So if you are sending money from Australia, it's worth looking at what exchange rate Remit2Inida is offering? You will usually get better exchange rates and believe me that matters, especially if you are transferring money in excess of 20000 AUD.

I always suggest my friends compare exchange rates from different remittance services like CurrencyFair before transferring, why to compromise on your hard earned money, even difference of few cents can make a big difference if converted into Indian currency.

Another thing, which I personally consider is the service, suppose you are sending money to your Indian account to pay your monthly EMIs only to realize that even after two days amount has not reached to your account. At that time, if you call to your remittance service you want an answer and more than that solution and exact status.

At this time nobody likes pathetic customer service, putting your call on hold only to drop and transferring your call from one executive to another. The good thing about Remit2India is they also provide personal relationship manager, who will not only help you to solve your remittance related problem but also negotiate better exchange rates for you.

So next time you transfer money from Australia to India makes sure to check out Remit2India portal, it's currently the best site for transferring money to India from Australia.

Why is Remit2India Best to Transfer Money to India?

The Remit2India is trusted remittance partner of many NRIs, they have just added Australia in their big portfolio of supported countries. Currently, it supports money transfers from 24 countries and in 10 currencies including major ones like  USD, GBP, EUR, SGD, JPU, HKD and now AUD.

It also supports a host of European nations like Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Finland, Belgium, Cyprus, Portugal, Netherlands, and Austria. So no matter where you are, you will most likely go to find RemitToIndia supporting remittance.

Here is a couple of reasons why you should Remit2India for sending money to India and why it's one of the best sites for transferring money to India:
  1. They are fast, easy and secure. Most important they are trusted by many Non-resident Indians like you. They have recently instant money transfer from Australia to India, earlier it used to take two days, so if you are in urgency, you can check it out.
  2. Their customer service is awesome, you will have your own relationship manager to talk with, who will not only help you to get better exchange rate but also help you in the case of any technical delay on remittance.
  3. Remit2India support various money transfer modes, for example, you can send money via ACH, Online Transfer, NetBanking Transfer, Wire Transfer or Check Transfer pay modes.
  4. You have an option of directly sending money to someone's account in India or you can even ask Remit2India to deliver a demand draft to receive in India.
  5. It's easy to track the money online when you send it using Remit2India.

Highlights of Remit2India Instant Money transfer service from Australia to India

Here are some of the highlights and advantages of their newly launched Instant money transfer to India from Australia:
  • Remit2India not just provide with the Instant transfer but also offers savings of up to Rs. 3182* as compared to local banks in Australia, mainly due to higher exchange rates and lower fees. (*Subject to change as per daily exchange rate)
  • Compared to other banks which mostly take 2-5 days to deposit the transferred amount into your India bank account,  Remit2India does this instantly.
  • What's more? The first transactions users make with Australia to India Instant transfer service will be FREE like no transfer fees.
  • The Instant transfer service is currently available for 15 banks. For all others, Remit2India offer same day transfers. 

Best site to transfer money to India from Australia

In short, Remit2India  is one of the best sites to transfer money from Australia to India, it's fast, secure and offers competitive exchange rates and addition of this instant money transfer to India from Australia makes it even better.

If you are staying in Australia like in Sydney, Melbourne or any other city, it's a good time you check out Remit2India services for Australia before sending money to your family, It's worth trying their instant money transfer to India from Australia if you have not tried it yet.

In general, when you transfer money using Remit2India, you not only get competitive exchange rates but also great service and reliability. You know that your money will be there with your family in a couple of days after you initiate a transaction. You can also trust Remit2India for timely remittance, mostly required for paying EMI and bills.

P. S. - If you are looking for alternatives, you can also check out CurrencyFair, which also have a promotion for all new customers that can be used that has 3 free transfer.


  1. Hello there, I want to send money to India from Australia into my SBI account? Can I use this service? do I need to register for it? What are the charages? is there any other alternative to send money to India form Sydney? I am ideally looking for something which can send money same day rather than after two days, Please suggest?

    P.S. Can I send money from Australia to Indian Axis bank and ICICI bank also using this srevice?

  2. Hi there,

    With Remit2India, you can transfer money to India from Australia to SBI, Axis Bank or ICICI Bank the same day, guaranteed. And you can also opt for Instant transfer and see your money deposited within seconds to 14 banks in India (HDFC Bank, Bank Of Baroda, Punjab National Bank, Canara Bank, Bank Of India, Federal Bank Ltd., Indian Bank, Union Bank Of India, Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd., Andhra Bank, IDBI Bank, Central Bank Of India, Corporation Bank and
    Yes Bank Ltd.) as well.

    In fact, if your first transfer after registration will be free!

    Explore at

  3. In my opinion online money transfer is only the best option for everyone because you can save you important time by doing online money transfer.

  4. There are many ways to send money to India from Australia e.g. wire transfer, ICICI Money2India but Remit2India services is really the best way because of best exchange rate, fastest and very low or no transfer charges.

  5. Instant money transfer to India from Australia. With Remit2India you can transfer money to India instantly from Australia. Visit their website and know more.

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